By applying to The Brand Bash, you agree to the following Terms of Agreement (“Agreement”) which is thereupon entered into by and between Content Creator(s) (“Influencer") and The Brand Bash (“The Brand Bash”) who is owned and operated by Center of Attention Events Inc (“COAE”) subject to the following terms and conditions. In this agreement, Content Creators / Influencers are both collectively and individually referred to as “users” or “you” as the respective context requires:


1. First and foremost, The Brand Bash is a diverse community respecting unique qualities in culture, traditions, creeds, demographics and orientations. Influencers with hate/inflammatory content and/or weapons may be subject to deletion.

2. By applying to The Brand Bash you, the Influencer, will be enrolled for opportunities to exclusive event invitations and grant us permission to represent you in an effort to broker collaboration deals with Brand Partners at the event. 

3 . Vow to be responsive. When our team reaches out to you with a brand deal please respond within 24 hours for offer to remain valid.

4. Vow to be helpful. Only represent products you truly enjoy.   

5. Vow to be honest. A user’s followers and engagement must be obtained by organic means and users must not misrepresent their audience. Followers, likes or engagement may not be obtained by unethical means such as (but not limited to) purchase. The Brand Bash reserves the right to terminate a user’s account should The Brand Bash (at its sole discretion) suspect that its affiliated Content Creator is not in compliance with this requirement.

6. Your agreement with the Brand Bash is not exclusive. You may continue to work with your representatives.

7. An Influencer is at all times classified as an independent contractor and not an employee.

8. All paid partnerships between The Brand Bash and Influencers will be subject to additional contract.  No funds will be due to an Influencer without an additional written agreement.

9. The Brand Bash may collect personal data about you from relevant influencer channels such as, our websites, public media, third party sources, including but not limited to, agent(s) or public relations representatives. Personal information is generally collected for promotion, including but not limited to, brand collaboration deals, press outreach, social media engagement for brands to study collaboration, provide newsletters and invitations, and mail you products.  Personal information will not be collected on or from any person we know to be under the age of eighteen (18) without the consent of a legal guardian or parent.

10. Keep us up to date. If your contact information changes email: to update your account information. To the best of the Influencers  knowledge, all information provided on their Application must be complete, current and accurate. Any Application that is ineligible, incomprehensible, or incomplete will not be valid.

11. The Brand Bash is indemnified from an Influencer’s posts, videos, private messages and / or comments. The Brand Bash does not moderate your content so respect the integrity of The Brand Bash and our Brand Partners. No content constitutes a representation by The Brand Bash, nor does the Brand Bash accept any liability of the validity, the legality, accuracy or suitability of any content provided by Influencers or Brand Partners. You agree that The Brand Bash is not responsible for nor is it obligated to edit, remove, monitor, or moderate any content produced by its users. If content is in violation of the Terms of Agreement within this Agreement, Influencer bears legal responsibility for that content.

12. The Brand Bash platform is solely for the use of Influencers 18 years or older. Any user under the age of 18 years must produce written consent from either their parent or a legal guardian. To be eligible to take advantage of The Brand Bash’s events and platform, Content Creators must meet the following conditions:

A. Social Media Platforms must be public and viewable by everyone.

B. Must maintain at least 3000 followers on any one social media platform. 

13. Influencer is responsible for maintaining strict confidentiality of their Account details and The Brand Bash activities. Users under this Agreement must notify The Brand Bash if there is any breach of security or any other unauthorized activity.

14. The Brand Bash may at any time change or revise the Terms of Use in this Agreement by updating this page. Any Revisions on this page will immediately take effect and may affect a user’s ability to use The Brand Bash platform. Use of the The Brand Bash platform after any revision to this Agreement’s Terms of Use constitutes your acceptance the new terms.